With the growing popularity of cryptocurrency, ICO has become a much sought after option for raising capital by the enterprises. The Investors invest a lot of money relying on the promise of multifold returns which the cryptocurrencies come with. This can be seen from the fact 876 ICOs in the year 2017 raised a total capital of approximately 7 million dollars. ICO come with a lot of advantages for both the investor and the capitalist. There also exist ICO’s shortcomings.

These include the security and safety of the investors, which is a result of the decentralized nature of ICO. This is where Blockstack token ICO comes into the picture. Internet has been an amazing invention so far. But the problem with is the lack of safety of the user data. This is where Blockstack comes in. It helps the user own his data. It allows both accredited and non-accredited users buy tokens and trade in them. It makes the internet more secure by giving the users the power to control the movement of their data online.

So, you can subscribe to it, check the status of various cryptocurrencies using ICO Database. These databases will provide you information regarding pre-sale of ICO and the current ICO as well. After this, you are ready to earn profits on your investments in ICO.

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