ICO Overview

Various mediums exist to improve user experience with regard to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Coin trackers and schedules provide with data on ICOs. This facilitates information on the latest ICOs along with the ICOs that have been released.

What is ICO platform

Blockchain based companies are becoming a part of technological revolution. It is the best way to enhance fund raising for capital or other financial requirements. An ICO platform has a lot of benefits such as:

Comparatively no unnecessary paperwork

Boosts the scope of upcoming start-ups

Innovative ideas get incentivised in their nature

Crowd fund raising and different projects to supporters of the community is possible


ICO bounty list

Start-ups use bounty programs as a promotional tool. It is a medium to compensate users for performing various tasks related to ICOs. They include tasks like marketing, bug reporting or enhancement of cryptocurrency framework. The compensation is mostly in the form of cryptocurrency tokens.


ICOs are the new age medium for fundraising and innovation of the financial world. There are a lot of upcoming programs and initiatives that support this system. It gives an opportunity of experiencing profits by being involved in various aspects of this field. The dynamic nature of cryptocurrency and blockchain makes them the excellent choice for enhancing a business.

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