ICO Revenue

An initial coin offering has taken up a lot of importance in today’s world. It is the modern day’s equivalent to an initial public offer. An initial coin offering refers to the exchange of a new or upcoming form of cryptocurrency against an already existing form of cryptocurrency such as the popular Bitcoin or Ether. It is also a means of funding through cryptocurrencies. It helps investors by making them aware of all the potential prospects that are available in the financial market. It provides them with a list of cryptocurrencies to invest in. This makes the jobs of the investors much easier as they now have a common platform to assess as well as contrast between all the cryptocurrencies that are available.

ICOs always ensure that their lists are up to date so that investors do not miss out on any opportunity. They make sure that the complete list of cryptocurrencies is always available with the adequate information which is required to take a rational decision in this field. The ICO revenue thus generated is very high as the concept of cryptocurrency is trending in today’s world. It has the ability to generate billions in mere seconds. Therefore, it holds significant importance in the minds of investors.

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