ICO White Paper

An ICO is a nothing but a campaign to raise funding for one’s company. It uses Cryptocurrency Ethereum or bitcoin as mode of payment instead o the conventional payment methods. The motive behind running an ICO is to get as many investors to invest in the process. Before an ICO is launched, a minimal target is set by the company. If the target is not achieved, the project cannot be launched and the funds gathered have to be returned to the investors.

So, achieving the target becomes very important for the companies. For this, it is necessary to make the investors believe in the project. This can be achieved by distributing an elaborate ICO White Paper.

White paper is a term used to refer to the project roadmap provided by the company to prospective investors. Its contents include the idea, the method of implementation, the strategy make it a success, the necessity of the crypto sought to be launched, the financial details of the project, an estimate of its growth. All this is spelt out in great detail.

The investment generated is dependent on the impact that the white paper has on the investors. The latest ICO are paying extra attention to it and implementing different layouts and designs to increase the effectiveness of their white paper to attract more and more investment.

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