Recently, there have been some setbacks to cryptocurrencies. The value of the major coins has slid down below their peak value in 2017. Also, there is increased government regulation in many places around the world. These setbacks could put make some willing investors be sceptical about cryptocurrencies. But should you consider cryptocurrency investments in 2019? Cryptocurrencies are worth investing in for the following reasons.

1.     Trading the major cryptocurrencies is still profitable: The value of Bitcoin has fallen below its peak in 2017. But the fluctuation in prices still offers another avenue for investments. As the price goes up, holders of the token can trade some of it for fiat money. When the prices come down, you can keep hold of it for a while. It is just the same idea of buying and selling shares.

2.     Cryptocurrencies are acceptable as a means of payment: One good thing about the popular tokens is that they can be used for purchases anywhere they’re accepted. You can get some nice valuables such as electronics, cars, clothes, etc. with it.

If you’re asking which cryptocurrency you should invest in, then I’ll recommend that you go with the popular ones. Their demand is quite high and easy to trade too.

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