What is ICO Cryptocurrency?

Welcome to one of the most talked question related to cryptocurrency. We will here explore, what actually is ICO cryptocurrency, its benefits and challenges. First of all we need to know when the first crypto was launched and when the first ICO was launched. Both were launched on different dates, first crypto was launched in 2009 and first ICO project join the party in year 2013, means some 4 years later. ICO is doing more than one works at one time, first, they are helping companies launch their own projects to raise the funds. Second, they are helping in promoting cryptocurrencies. Most of the beginners are unaware of the difference between these two terms.

To launch your project to raise the funds, it is important to launch a separate cryptocurrency of the project. Definitely this currency will be in the form of tokens. Even after the end of the project tenure to raise the funds, cryptocurrency that was launched alongside will remain in circulation.

To understand it well, you can take the example of eth cryptocurrency. It was launched in the form of an ICO cryptocurrency in 2013.

The Ethereum ICO ended after few months, but ICO cryptocurrency associated with it still continue and expanding.

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